Ten Commandment Lawn Signs and T-Shirts

All lawn signs are made in America, printed on both sides and come packaged with wire stands, or stakes as applicable. The planting of these signs across America began 9.26.20, declaring the standard of righteousness upon which America was founded, and has long since forgotten.  These signs bear the Ten Commandments, the words the Almighty gave to Moses for the instruction and protection of his people. It is time to repent and remember the law of Moses.

When your lawn sign arrives, hold it with both hands over your head and make the following declaration.

“Father today I am coming home. I am guilty of sinning against your commandments and I repent.  You alone and your words are true and faithful and I ask you for forgiveness and to fight for us.“

“I decree to the nations you have forgotten these Commandments. Do you not fear him?  Repent! “

“Father, remember me in your kingdom.”

Our 18″ X 24″ lawn signs utilize traditional English with the words Lord and God, and also feature the ancient Paleo Hebrew name of the Creator, Yahwah. Your choice.

In addition to your front yard, or place of business, these lawn signs could also be placed as a wall poster in your homes, or in the entryway of your assemblies.

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TEN COMMANDMENTS Lawn sign beige


Paleo Hebrew







Large Lawn Sign


You can wear your own Ten Commandment banner on your body via one of our two grey cotton T-Shirts. The backside of both T-Shirts is identical. It broadcasts Isaiah 59:19 and Ten commandments, as shown here.




There are two choices for the front of the T-Shirt. The first features “REMEMBER THE 10 COMMANDMENTS” with a portion of Isaiah 59:19 underneath. The second style displays “REMEMBER THE 10 COMMANDMENTS” with the word REPENT underneath in bold red letters. Be sure to specify which T-Shirt – either ISAIAH 59:19 or REPENT – that you wish to purchase. The cost is $25, which includes shipping.