Individuals in every state in America – and a few in Canada – have raised banners, also described as our Psalm 86: 17 token, and our signs bearing the words of the Ten Commandments – the Word of the Testimony. We have proclaimed to America, with contrite and repentant hearts, what the prodigal son cried in Luke 15:21 and what the malefactor on the right side of Christ declared in Luke 23:40 – 42.

Father today I am coming home. I am guilty of sinning against your commandments and I repent.  You alone and your words are true and faithful and I ask you for forgiveness and to fight for us.

I decree to the nations you have forgotten these Commandments. Do you not fear him?  Repent!”

“Father, remember me in your kingdom.

Countless numbers of people are recognizing the spiritual nature of the battle for America and are turning back to the Almighty with repentance in sackcloth and ashes. We are forsaking the lies pf the corrupt systems of this world and getting back on his path of truth. My sheep hear my voice.

Salisbury, Maryland

There is still hope. Call 856 776 1176.

These signs confirm and broadcast the Law of our Almighty – the Ten Commandments. Our banners will stand until 2021 Passover proclaiming the truth – and the foundation that America was built upon. The battle is HIS!


We are grateful to the small group of folks who made hundreds of calls, wrote thousands of letters and spent their time and treasure to ensure the goal of all fifty states would be reached. Our Creator knows who you are.

David and Susan
Rye, Colorado

We’re looking for the outcasts from the failed religious institutions, who know we are in a spiritual battle for America and beyond. Auto mechanics. Plumbers. Mothers. Fathers. Sisters. Brothers. Barbers. Hairdressers. Manicurists. Store Clerks. Writers. Farmers. Accountants. Clerks. Drivers. Patrolman. Officers. Grandparents. Counselors. Policemen. Soldiers. Welders. Waitresses. Builders. Roofers. Painters. Artists. Sanitation Engineers. Small Business Owners. Pizza Makers. Shelf Stockers. Opticians. Healers. Broom Pushers. Educators. Seamtresses. Body Builders. Runners. Butchers. Bakers or candle stick makers. Whatever your earthly occuption, nothing is as important as that visceral feeling in your gut that you are here for such a time as this.

Our goal? Push back the “lies that have become the truth” in America, whose flame of integrity, honor, respect, civility and knowledge of the Almighty is being extinguished. We are not fighting flesh and blood. We are warring against principalities and rulers of wickedness that inhabit the institutions of men. America was founded on the Bible and the Ten Commandments. We are reclaiming our territory.

We are still offering a free sign to Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists and Prophets, even though thousands of calls and letters to churches and assemblies have yielded few results. One Pastor said he was reluctant to put up a sign that said ” Repent” because it would repel people from coming into the sanctuary and a more loving approach would be better. Have the pastors forgotten what Paul wrote in Romans 7:7? That he had not known sin except by the law? Or what John wrote in 1 John 3:7? “Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.”

What does that say about those who profess to know Christ? They have led countless congregations to forget His law. Lying and rebellion have replaced baseball and apple pie as an American passtime. Let’s get serious about repentence, as Ninevah did in the days of Jonah. The King, his people and even and all the animals had sackcloth. They were spared, for a time and a season.

Has the removal of the law and the allowing of relative truth and cultural compromise yielded positive results in our nation? No! From the Patriot Act to Covid lockdowns, our liberties have been shredded, small businesses decimated, children traumatized, mandatory masks and talk of mandatory deadly vaccinations, neighbor turning in neighbor, brother against brother, 24/7 surveillance, the deadly 5G technology and the demonic push toward global demonic control of all buying and selling via a cell phone.

There is only one hope for America, repenting and obedience to his law. As you make your decree and place these into your terra firma, it will stand as a light in this dark world, these made in America lawn signs will broadcast the Standard of Righteousness. And our Almighty with fight for us.

In the meantime, we’re adding additional scriptures about the Law and the Ten Commandments daily. A wave of righteousness has begun. Share this link with your friends.

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