Who We Are

Wondering who is behind this effort? Well, we’re not associated with any national, local, regional, international religious, social, governmental or non-profit group. We’ re a mere handful of simple minded folks who are called by the name Christ said we would become: Witnesses.

Like you, we’re regular everyday folks who have been crying and sighing for the abominations in our land. Like you, we’re been shaken and bereaved by the destruction of our nation. It didn’t happen overnight. Satan has been at work through men and women and secret societies for centuries and now we see the results, prophesied in Romans Chapter 1.

We want our Creator to fight for us, just like He has through the centuries for those who fear and obey his precepts. This system of evil is too big for us but it’s not too big for our Almighty. We want Him to fight for us and take down the liars, the sorcerers, the proud, the murderers, the extortioners, the idolators, this wicked system of evil that millions of brainwashed sheep view nightly in their living rooms.

You , like us, have been witnessing the destruction of our nation for decades. You, like us, believe in the word of the testimony and the blood of the lamb and the obedience required to be his child. We want our Creator to fight for us. And His Word says that He will, when we raise our banners of righteousness and repent.

Questions? Email us and/or call 856 776 1176.